Septic World - DO NOT BUY the "Septic 3000" from they have many complaints

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DO NOT BUY the "Septic 3000" from they have many complaints and you probably will not get what your paying for.They call from Washington State and are also claiming that they moved their plant to New Mexico.

Septic World me to sell "Septic 3000" claimed I bought their product before. The company I buy from; the "Septic Helper 2000" company; also told me that Septic World is posing as an employee or representative of theirs.

Their official web site is and is currently a blank web site.They are also known as septic 3000 septicworld septic world

Review about: Septic 3000.



This review is from: Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System (Misc.)

I've been using this product for about 5 weeks and am completely satisfied.I had some concerns about the durability of the pyramid shaped model so I went with the galvanized steel model even though I only have 1 large breed dog.

This model also came fully assembled and ready for the ground. The free scooper that was supposed to come with it was not included, so I was gyped there. The lid is hinged and opens easily but also will stay open for you which is great. I took some shortcuts on installation that have not affected operation.

1st, I started using a post hole digger but quickly went to the shovel. Don't buy the diggers just for this job-they are not essential. I also didn't dig the full 4 feet recommended. If you have good drainage, its not needed in my opinion.

I dug deep enough to house the unit with an additional 8-12 inches of clearance and have experienced no problems. You'll want to install this near the end of your water hoses reach away from the house. It doesn't reek too bad until you open the door and flush the system with the hose. Thats when that liquified *** stirs up.

I add stool about every other day and flush the system weekly.

The enzyme has lasted this long(5 wks.) with half a bag left and I am pretty liberal with it.Buying the extra bucket of enzyme is inevitable.

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